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The Good Lie

The Good Lie 2014

110 min - Drama

Director: Philippe Falardeau

Stars: Reese Witherspoon, Corey Stoll, Mike Pniewski, Sarah Baker, Maria Howell, Thad Luckinbill

Synopsis: A group of Sudanese refugees given the chance to resettle in America arrive in Kansas City, Missouri, where their encounter with an employment agency counselor forever changes all of their lives.

American Made

American Made 2017

115 min - Comedy, Drama, Action, Thriller, Biography, Crime, History

Director: Doug Liman

Stars: Tom Cruise, Domhnall Gleeson, E. Roger Mitchell, Benito Martinez, Jayma Mays, Mike Pniewski

Synopsis: The story of Barry Seal, an American pilot who became a drug-runner for the CIA in the 1980s in a clandestine operation that would be exposed as the Iran-Contra Affair.


Spaceballs 1987

96 min - Comedy, Sci-Fi, Adventure

Director: Mel Brooks

Stars: John Hurt, Bill Pullman, Stephen Tobolowsky, Rob Paulsen, John Candy, Dom DeLuise

Synopsis: Planet Spaceballs' President Skroob sends Lord Dark Helmet to steal planet Druidia's abundant supply of air to replenish their own, and only Lone Starr can stop them.


Blood Done Sign My Name 2010

128 min - Drama

Director: Jeb Stuart

Stars: Michael Rooker, Nick Searcy, Darrin Henson, Lela Rochon, Afemo Omilami, Ricky Schroder

Synopsis: A drama based on a true story, in which a black Vietnam-era veteran is allegedly murdered by a local white businessman, who is later exonerated. The plot focuses on the role of a local high school teacher, and the civil unrest that followed the acquittal.


Safe Haven 2013

115 min - Drama, Romance, Thriller

Director: Lasse Hallström

Stars: Josh Duhamel, Cobie Smulders, Mike Pniewski, Julianne Hough, David Lyons

Synopsis: A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunts her.


The Ledge 2011

101 min - Drama, Romance, Thriller

Director: Matthew Chapman

Stars: Terrence Howard, Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, Charlie Hunnam, Mike Pniewski, Jaqueline Fleming

Synopsis: A police officer looks to talk down a young man lured by his lover's husband to the ledge of a high rise, where he has one hour to contemplate a fateful decision.

The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ 2017

112 min - Drama, Biography, History

Director: Jon Gunn

Stars: Robert Forster, Faye Dunaway, Frankie Faison, Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen, Tom Nowicki

Synopsis: An investigative journalist and self-proclaimed atheist sets out to disprove the existence of God after his wife becomes a Christian.


Life Stinks 1991

92 min - Comedy, Romance

Director: Mel Brooks

Stars: Jeffrey Tambor, Michael Ensign, Billy Barty, Lesley Ann Warren, Stuart Pankin, Brian Thompson

Synopsis: A filthy rich businessman bets a corporate rival that he can live on the streets of L.A. without the comforts of home or money, which proves to be tougher than he thought.


Miami Vice 2006

134 min - Drama, Action, Thriller, Crime

Director: Michael Mann

Stars: Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Ciarán Hinds, John Hawkes, Eddie Marsan, Isaach De Bankolé

Synopsis: Based on the 1980s TV action/drama, this update focuses on vice detectives Crockett and Tubbs as their respective personal and professional lives become dangerously intertwined.